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Are into creating apps and you want to explore more? Kocomojo can help you out. Now you can build an app from a scratch or upgrade your current app. It allows you to select from different app features in order to build an engaging and interactive app for your customers. Surely, your customers will love the mobility features of your new app. Do you want to customize your app that can suit your business needs? Kocomojo offers the best app solutions and features to address the needs and wants of your target audience and to accommodate your budget. Visit this company to get started.


Come and download the Kocomojo App so you can start designing your screens, adding mobile payments, constructing surveys, scheduling local push messages, and creating digital marketing campaigns. Kocomojo allows viewing, adjusting, and testing your creations prior to launching or publishing of your new mobile app or existing one. This is a great solution for app developers and designers, as well as in client presentations, advertising campaign pitches, mobile device strategies, and crowdsourcing or consumer test. With Kocomojo, building an application is never this easy. Just simply download the Kocomojo app to get started, follow the instruction in simple and easy steps. You don't have to be too technical like an IT expert, thus providing you a more enjoyable app building experience. Click here for more info.


What are the features that your customers are looking for? What are the features you want for your mobile app? Just imagine having an app with the capability to process mobile payments. With Kocomojo, it is possible to add a "Buy Now" button, and "Donate Now" button for positive customer experience without directly going to their browser just to check out. It has full integration with Stripe Payments, the best method to accept payments via mobile apps. You can interact with your visitors and customers at the right time and in the right place because Kocomojo utilizes geofence and beacon technology in pushing relevant messages and notifications depending the geographical locations of your customers. 


For safety and security, Kocomojo is proud to add a login screen feature that allows users to log in to their social media and email accounts for further verification purposes. Now you can also create interactive survey forms and gather relevant data for marketing and audience segmentation to increase your sales. Kocomojo is truly an expert when it comes to building new apps! For more information, feel free to check their homepage or website now!


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